ARMENIAN RUG CO. The Original Rug Cleaners ***We have decided to close down the business and want to thank our loyal customers over the years.***
ARMENIAN RUG CO.                                 The Original Rug Cleaners ***We have decided to close down the business and want       to thank our loyal customers over the years.***

Company Profile

Armenian Rug Company is a family owned and operated business, that provides rug cleaning services to the Greater Hamilton and surrounding areas, including Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Ancaster, Dundas and Burlington. With over 60 years of experience we have the knowledge, expertise and experience in knowing how to best care for your rugs. Our customers tell us time and time again, that Armenian Rug Company consistently delivers outstanding results for our customers.

Our Cleaning Process

We clean and care for your rugs on location at our plant. We hand wash with no harsh chemicals, rinse and hang the rugs to dry.


Do you have questions?

We would be happy to help. Please call us at 905 522-7219 or use our contact form.

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Armenian Rug Company
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Special Discounts

50% discount on all Rugs brought to our plant for cleaning (6 X 9 or Larger)


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