ARMENIAN RUG CO. The Original Rug Cleaners ***We have decided to close down the business and want to thank our loyal customers over the years.***
ARMENIAN RUG CO.                                 The Original Rug Cleaners ***We have decided to close down the business and want       to thank our loyal customers over the years.***

Our Services

We provide the following services:

  • Hand Washing of all types of area rugs, including Persian and Oriental rugs
  • Binding repair of all types of area rugs
  • Fringe repair/replace
  • Deoderizing
  • Water damage cleaning
  • We sell new underpad
  • We sell new remenants


Our expert knowledge of all types of rugs and our specialized cleaning procedures, coupled with our reliable and friendly service makes us the right choice every time. You can trust us to care for your rugs.


Armenian Rug Company prides itself on:

  • Specialized quality care of your area rugs,
  • Reliable and dependable service
  • Excelent customer care and satisfaction


Special Offers

50 % off on area rugs larger than 6 X 9 brought to our facility. Give us a call!

Call Today! (905) 522-7219

Armenian Rug Company
129 Tisdale St N

Hamilton, ON L8L 5M5




Mon - Fri 9am to 4 pm

Sat  - 9 am to 1 pm



Special Discounts

50% discount on all Rugs brought to our plant for cleaning (6 X 9 or Larger)


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